Ted Lare Design Build, The Design Build Process and Associated Fees

Why Should You Choose Ted Lare Design Build?

Ted Lare Design Build is the premiere landscaping company in Central Iowa. The business was founded in 1982 and has been the best in the business for thirty years. Ted started the business founded on education, experience, and creativity. Thirty years later, all of our designers have these same attributes. All of our designers have Bachelor Degrees in Landscape Architecture from Iowa State University, providing a strong foundation of creativity and problem solving skills. This education combines with years of experience to produce excellent designs that make your landscaping dreams a reality. If you are interested in improving the outdoors of your home, please call (515) 981-1073 or click here to start the process.

The Initial Visit & Design Consultation

A $100 consultation fee will be charged for the initial meeting with the client. This will be paid at the time of the meeting, with no exceptions. If you are located outside of the Des Moines metro area, you may be charged $200 for the initial meeting to account for the time and travel required. During the first meeting the designer will answer any questions you may have about the design process and discuss the scope of your project. This is a one-time fee that will be paid at the time of the meeting. If the scope of work is focused in one area, this fee will cover the design fee for the project. If you want a masterplan for a large portion of the yard, there will be additional design fees, at a rate of $100 per hour.

Completing the Design

If the design is focused in one area, there will not be any additional fees. If the scope of the project is broad and encompasses a large portion of the yard, design fees will be billed at $100 per hour. During the initial consultation the designer will give you an estimate of hours required to complete the design and the associated cost. Payment is then required upon delivery of the plan. A typical 1/2 acre residence will cost $300 - $1000 to develop a detailed design. This cost is dependent on the size of the yard and the level of detail required for the masterplan. Costs will vary accordingly. This amount will be discussed at the initial consultation and agreed upon by the client and designer. Upon the completion of the design, the client may request changes to the plan. If the changes are minor, one revision will be completed with no additional cost. If the changes are extensive, then the same $100 hourly fee applies.

Planting & Construction

When you decide to move forward with construction or planting, design fees will be credited back to you when billed for the project. For every $1000 you spend with Ted Lare Design Build or Ted Lare Garden Center, within one year of delivery of the plan, $100 will be credited back to you. So, if you spend $300 in design fees, you would have to spend $3000 in the first year to get your $300 credited back to you.

Design Process FAQs

Q:  If I am only looking for ideas and do not need a plan, do I still have to pay the $100 consultation fee?
A:  Yes, if you want a designer to visit your home and talk about ideas, the cost is $100.

Q:  Do I have to pay $100 every time a designer comes to my home?
A:  If you end up completing a project with Ted Lare Design Build, future visits are free of charge at the discretion of the designer you are working with.

Q:  Are fees different if I want to complete the installation of the project myself?
A:  The initial fees are the same, regardless of the outcome of the project. If you buy materials from Ted Lare Garden Center, you may receive $100 back for every $1000 you spend in the first year after receiving the plan. Please save invoices and receipts in order to get credit back for design fees.

Q:  If I only need an estimate for work to be done at my home, does it still cost $100?
A:  If a designer needs to visit your home for the estimate, the cost is still $100. If you know exactly what you want, and an estimate can be completed at our design office, we will waive the $100 fee.

Q:  What if I just want a sketch drawn at my home with an estimate?
A:  If you are only looking to address a small area, and a sketch is adequate for your needs, we may accomplish this on site at your home. This will be included in the $100 fee.

please call (515) 981-1073 or click here to start the process.